Mass sister by 20 elephants

Sunday 24-1-2010, ie the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month of the Ox, in Lak District, Dak Lak Province held a wedding ceremony with the bridal ceremony very special.

Bao Loc District Lak boy girl beautiful double elephant

Dang Thi bride Nightingale – Lak district beloved woman, now employees of the Bank for Investment and Development of Da Lat, groom Le Manh Thang – male Bao Loc Lam Dong provincial traffic police.

Both were first-born, talented smart, proud parent of two they should have been mutually decided to hold a wedding unique, fun where no match.

For the most beautiful Dak Lak sister. Photo: Nguyen Quyen

Father of the bride in the name on the wedding invitation is Dang Van Long, also called rice offering little-known is cystic Long, chief executive seven healthy young elephant, elephants Vietnam’s most powerful family now.

Grandfather bride is dancing, her second husband Sao Thong Blanket – the only woman employed wholesale elephant (Reportage “U.S. human trafficking elephants”), who helped the Revolutionary Government purchased with donated water agencies diplomatic relations. The brides family tree more than 5 lifetime occupation bred, raised and traded.

Sister groups parade through the town Lien Son. Photo: Nguyen Quyen

Nine o’clock in the morning, after money solemn ceremony held at the girl in 27 liquid N’Trang market Lien Son, the procession departing bride. A term is certainly built before the pitch, the district’s 20 most beautiful healthy elephant Lak line up, waiting politely bowed.

List two they turn the upper station and then had a couple of steps to the ball with stunning red silk mounted projector.

The bridal union than a kilometer parade through the town, headed to the tourist trade Jun Lak lake. There, cinemas were built, wheels you have shown under the floor, jubilant sound of gongs busy life.

Brother sister excellence in wedding

Over 600 guests were invited to the party, Gru (good elephant hunter) Ay Ea Rbin language, Lak District, Georgia Ama Bich in Buon Don is cheaper Minister on behalf of the King family Ama Kong.

Le Van Quyet ethnic M’Nong Vice Chairman to retire in Lak district, is also the owner of two elephants, fun behalf of their daughter to the park two.

He said people in ancient M’Nong has repeatedly joked with my sister, but never have any wedding mobilized to 20 elephant crowded like this!

Gongs indispensable wedding

Intimate wedding took place, warm, neat, bring unique cultural impression of the treatment of Dak Lak, Lam Dong and Origin United. Tan parties, two back them up with oil money to the end of town. There, on the left hand side Motor was waiting to pick strawberries through the vast land of tea in Bao Loc.

Behind the tourists enjoy elephant Lak lake promenade in the sun and wind plateau generous, saturated taste still happy peaceful country.