Food Central Highlands

The restaurant can accommodate 150 guests (widely park) serves breakfast, lunch, dinner. Eurasian extensive menu and special dishes typical of the Central Highlands as: rice Lam, grilled chicken, pork fellow, real fried fish slices, vegetable, banana flower salad forests …

Rice, choose the most delicious glutinous rice, bamboo specially baked rice, and from there to say our guests to enjoy. Take the rice out on a bamboo one end open, then use banana leaves sealed and burned. Bamboo used to cook rice, fresh, not too young nor too old to when the rice is cooked, the grains of rice blended a bit more sweetness and flavor characteristics of bamboo. Rice, usually served with chicken or roast boar. However, the most delicious when served with sesame.
Even more special is grilled by his own hands take, should be enjoyed from beginning to end spring flew wherever atrophy taste. Uninterrupted grilled chicken is marinated and within 2 hours will taste delicious, crispy sweet and wonderful to the bone chicken. Wonderful sweet crispy chicken Sa rice or aromatic nose tingle was marinated and grilled meticulously plus flavors of aromatic rice, as flexible, passionate sip of wine. Specialized menu of chicken dishes Sa Fire Highlands separate formulas.

In addition, diners can enjoy one more specialty is grilled boar (steamed) basis, to create an active share flood delicious sweet pieces of the mountain with a feeling of closeness when togetherin one camp-fire Highlands love fanciful say. Enjoy pork steamed forests, or other rustic flavor will help you feel all of the wild highlands. Hot taste of fresh leaves, together with the slight sweetness of the spices will be something that you never forget once you’ve enjoyed the “pot” of forest leaves.

Fish That moment Lak Lake is a specialty of Lak District, Dak Lak. This is a type of fish ball made from real fish slices or fish, also known as strabismus operators, natural therapy strabismus live in Lak Lake and is famous specialty of the region. Fish That famous moment in Lak lake by way especially, the are fish bones juicer, also here to use a spoon scraping a little at a time, only to get the fish, then left hand, not machine. Fish commonly used elsewhere, but here use natural fish lake. Then, fried fish, fried, steamed or in soup.
Speaking of banana flowers, people immediately felt the familiar, close that rustic, things present village of northwestern mountains. Also by nature is not generous to everyone should enjoy banana flower dish mannequin forest has become to “sorghum fine” between urban place of traditional flowers. Bird of capital mannequin only is replaced or eat ghém food as missed meal, but now has become a specialty in many restaurants, not only in rural communities but also in urban areas.

All blend together to create a feeling of lightheadedness can only use the word “SAY” to describe: “Say because of the setting, say for delicious, aromatic alcohol drunk because”. You will enjoy the unforgettable taste when once visited this place.