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Specializes in organizing tours to explore the unique Highlands, bold colors legend of the plateau: The tour to explore the landscape, culture, customs and habits of ethnic minorities in western land Legendary Raw filled through from Dak Nong, Dalat, Dak Lak, Gia Lai and Kon Tum. The unique elephant riding tour in Buon Don, Ho Lak …

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If you have a chance to Highlands visit the Lak lake, where charming young country and is home to the legendary captivated our many visitors .. Lak Lake in the area of Lak District, Dak Lak, Buon Ma Thuot city 56 miles along Highway 27 south of Da Lat city 160 miles to the north. Lak Lake long, winding a natural ribbon bar surrounded Lien Son town. On the 500-acre lake, is the largest natural lake in Vietnam with Krong Ana river. Rare lake is really priceless treasures that nature bestowed on the Central Plateau. Always deep blue lake, in the shadow of pine forest in the hills along the lake. Middle of the lake, floating on the small island of birds and herds of white lotus flower, lotus pink, purple blooming gun. The lake is surrounded by the vast primeval forests with rich flora and fauna diversity. It features a variety of rare animals such as birds ktia, drao, hoes, python, deer, roebucks … the lake has abundant natural resources: fish, shrimp, turtle, tortoise … Production of fish catch annually from the lake hundreds of tons, is the source of no small advantage to the mountainous districts. The village and the surrounding hills have created to Lake Lak pristine beauty and grandeur that days before the former Emperor Bao Dai has built here a special power of their own to rest, hunting and sightseeing. Special power lies at an altitude of 422 meters above sea level, over the years and weathered but still kept historic and attractive tourist attractions. For the people of the Central Highlands, Lake Lak not only bring enormous economic value, but it also is a famous scenic with a wild and poetic expression

At this point, you can choose for yourself or your family, friends, relatives a tourist toaur closed Lak lake to explore the cultural, ecological Lak lake. With the extensive travel services such as boat or canoe lake Lak sightseeing, elephant rides over the lake, visit Jun trafficking and M’Lieng – the typical villages of ethnic M’Nong also keep the cultural values, traditional customs; picnic walking, cycling, a spring stone Dakphoi, a hill climb Bao Dai … You can enjoy the specialties here as rice, grilled chicken, grilled wild boar chili salt, grilled snakehead fish, bitter tomato soup, tilapia cooked laksa leaves, real fried fish slices or goby eggs Lak lake has long been known in the region. Visiting the Lake Lak way down, you will see the yellow of the sun spread over the vast lake and turn purple as the sun sets slowly make a difficult quen.boi impression the subtle beauty of nature . At night, sit by the lake with cool wind, the moon you can with people drinking wine, the exchange of gongs, looking at the boys and girls dance. Appreciate is a heartfelt sentiment, the hospitality of the people here.

Lak lake with green non water specifically to shake everyone by the Ministry of Culture and Information relic, the national landscape. On the morning of the 4th annual Lunar New Year, which takes place the elephant racing and racing canoe of the indigenous communities attract tourists to enjoy. Lak Lake is a beautiful landscape of the Highlands, and strong potential for tourism. Lake is just the place offers a variety of fish, both a huge fresh water reservoir to irrigate hundreds of acres of lands, at the same time making the climate is more fresh, cool. Lak Lake – tourist attraction, an address for those who love nature.